Join us sundays at 10:15AM

Sunday School Groups are gatherings of people at similar life stages who pray, encourage, and serve one another. Each week, they meet on Sundays before the worship service for a lesson, discussion, and prayer. Sunday School Groups will help you connect and grow spiritually. Here is a list of current groups.

Sunday School Groups Location Ages
Simpson/Howell (CoEd) ED104 20s/30s
Upper Room  GYM 20s/30s
Pathfinders  BLDG C 30s/40s
Connections  BLDG B 30s/40s
McCain/Reeves  BLDG A 40s/50s
Crossover  ED201 50s/60s
Step by Step  ED204 60+
Lewis/McFatter  ED105 70+
Empty Nest WOR. SUITE 70+
Chrysallis Ladies  ED202 All
Grace Ladies  ED103  60+
Women of Faith ED101 70+